Ted Nugent rants about ‘satanic haters’ who wished him dead during COVID bout

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Singer Ted Nugent, who contracted COVID-19 after months of declaring the pandemic a hoax and calling it the “China virus,” was back at it again on Monday with a riff on “Satanic haters” who had allegedly wished death upon his family while he was ill.

“We’re getting better, thanks to the front-line doctors,” he said in a Facebook Live video, referring to himself and wife Shemane Deziel. “And we pray for the satanic haters out there who actually celebrate other people’s suffering.”

Those people, he said, had written to him. The right-wing rocker was certain they were Democrats.

“Do you know that we’ve gotten letters from people hoping that my children die of COVID?” Nugent said in a gravelly voice, punctuated with an occasional cough or splutter. “We have the letters. We have emails from people that wish death to the Nugent family.”

Just a week earlier he had announced that he himself had contracted the novel coronavirus, after a year of mocking the notion of a pandemic and insisting on calling it the “China virus.”

“I thought I was dying,” the 72-year-old singer, who has steadfastly refused to be vaccinated, said on Facebook Live last Tuesday. “I got the Chinese s—t.”

On Monday, the Motor City Madman began by profusely thanking everyone who had supported him and sent well wishes from around the world while he was ill. He also recited a list of the vitamins he was taking. Then he took aim.

“Democrats,” were the email and letter-writing culprits, the right-wing musician said with conviction. “Devils. Satanic monsters. Soulless, drunk on hate, evil, evil people.”

He equated them to people who had “burned down Seattle and Portland,” and said Democrats — especially New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer — were “a dishonest, corrupt, criminal, power-abusing monster gang of Satan worshippers.”


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