TechsoMed Ltd. announces the opening of a new German Subsidiary, as a strategic collaboration with Research Institute Fraunhofer MEVIS, to accelerate End-to-End Solution for Image-Guided Tumor Ablation Therapy

REHOVOT, Israel, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- TechsoMed Ltd. is thrilled to announce the founding of a new Germany-based subsidiary to advance the development of its flagship software technology. BioTraceIO 360. The new R&D center is established in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Medicine MEVIS and its SAFIR technology, an advanced Software Assistant for Interventional Radiology. This is TechsoMed's Ltd. second subsidiary, with another previously established in Japan.

"We are very excited and fortunate to join forces with such a seasoned team of professionals, led by newly appointed TechsoMed GmbH General Manager Tobias Preusser, and work closely with one of the worlds' leading research institutions for digital medicine," says Mr. Yossi Abu, TechsoMed Ltd. CEO. "This new strategic collaboration plays an important role in TechsoMed's roadmap to transform ablation therapy into a precise, feedback-dependent treatment and create a true impact on patient care worldwide," continues Yossi. "Together with our long-term partners at Fraunhofer MEVIS, we share a deep conviction that our BioTraceIO 360 end-to-end image-guided thermal ablation software solution has a true potential to position minimally invasive thermal tumor ablation as a first-line therapy option."

Image-guided thermal ablation therapy is a minimally invasive and cost-effective tumor treatment with a long-standing barrier to its wide adoption: the limited ability to visualize & control the actual tissue damage morphology in real-time, resulting in a critical gap between the planned treatment and its actual results. This gap, in turn, imposes unnecessary risks of either healthy tissue damage or incomplete tumor ablation, which then leads to high associated local tumor recurrence rates.

TechsoMed addresses this challenge with its BioTraceIO 360, an AI-powered end-to-end ablation control imaging system designed to enable improved thermal ablation accuracy and safety through real-time procedure simulation, visualization, and ultrasound-based monitoring to provide better patient care and position ablation as a viable curative option.

As part of the new collaboration, TechsoMed Ltd. will exclusively license the SAFIR software from Fraunhofer MEVIS to tackle this mission.

"We join TechsoMed Ltd. on its mission to deliver unprecedented confidence and operational efficiency to interventional radiologists and translating BioTraceIO 360 into clinical value worldwide," says Fraunhofer MEVIS Institute Director Horst Hahn. "We congratulate on the establishment of TechsoMed GmbH here in Bremen, which will play a key role in the re-innovation and further development of this cutting-edge ablation support system.

"No doubt this strong partnership, which can harness and combine the unique expertise and solutions of both TechsoMed corporate and Fraunhofer MEVIS into a cutting-edge ablation support system that will help radiologists to maximize ablation outcomes, brings great value to the company."

TechsoMed Ltd. is a medical imaging software company, dedicated to making an enhanced clinical impact in Oncology, Cardiology and Pain Management through the first real-time thermal ablation management system (BioTraceIO 360). The company's technology leverages AI based real-time ultrasound monitoring to optimize procedural accuracy and efficacy, for a patient specific visualization, monitoring and outcomes prediction. The company's first product, BioTraceIO, primarily targets use in liver tumor ablation procedures and is in the process of being clinically validated, with approval by the FDA anticipated in 2023.

Edith Schlanger
Marketing Manager


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