Teammates forced Plano middle school student to drink urine at sleepover, attorney says

Chacour Koop
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Teammates forcing a Plano middle school student to drink their urine during a sleepover was a racially motivated crime, his family’s attorney says.

Now police and the school are investigating.

The boy’s mother posted allegations on Facebook Wednesday of bullying against her son at Haggard Middle School in the Plano school district.

She included a video of her son drinking from a cup of yellow liquid that she said was the urine.

“Imagine being forced to drink the urine of not only a boy who thought was your friend, but his friends...” she posted. “Imagine the video of you drinking the urine being sent to multiple people in your school...Imagine the school telling you they can’t do a thing about it because ‘the incidents didn’t all take place on campus.’”

McClatchy News is not naming the mother to protect the identity of her son.

In a statement, the school district said it’s investigating the allegations with police.

“Our district does not tolerate or condone bullying or harassing behavior, and is taking prompt and remedial action to address concerns,” the school district said in a statement. “Campus leaders and counselors have been working closely and carefully with all involved students and their parents since the concerns regarding a non-school-related, off-campus incident first reported on Tuesday, March 2.”

The school district said disciplinary action cannot be publicized but the response to behavioral concerns will be addressed in accordance to a student conduct policy.

Superintendent Sara Bonser released a video statement.

“Incidents like this affect our whole community. I want to let our community know that Plano ISD does not and will not tolerate bullying or harassment and believe every student must be treated with dignity and respect,” Bonser said.

Plano police say a school resource officer completed a report and the case was assigned to a detective.

“The Detective and School Resource Officer will continue to work with Plano ISD officials to conduct a full and thorough investigation in an effort to identify any ... criminal offenses that might have occurred during and prior to this incident,” police said in a news release.

Kim Cole, the family’s attorney, says the student, who is Black, endured “racially motivated” bullying for more than a year while his school didn’t take action, forcing him to quit the football team.

“Eventually, one very popular white player deliberately ‘befriended’ (the boy) and invited to a sleepover. (He) was ecstatic,” Cole posted on Facebook. “Little did he know what awaited him. During the sleepover, several white teammates came over. They beat him, slapped him, shot him with BB guns, and forced him to drink their urine. They laughed and filmed themselves torturing (him) and posted the videos on social media to further humiliate him.”

Plano is a city of about 290,000 people, 20 miles north of downtown Dallas.

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