Teacher calls out parents over son’s worrisome in-class behavior

A mom was called out after blaming her son’s bad grades on the teacher. She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if she was in the wrong for reporting a teacher to the principal. “My son is in fifth grade and he is attending online school. I catch him all the time with his computer muted and playing a video game — I do what I can but ultimately this is the teacher’s fault,” the mother explained. “My son has ADHD and anxiety so he needs constant stimuli in order to stay focused and this teacher is clearly not engaging enough,” she continued. The mother emailed the teacher about the issue but was offended by the educator’s response. “I had a very rude response from her which read: ‘I have reached out to you with solutions and you have refused to cooperate". "'You need to take control in your own home and put a stop to this behavior because I can only do so much,’” the mom continued. Reddit users believed the mother was in the wrong here. “You can’t even control your child in your house, but you expect this teacher to control your child from the other side of a computer screen,” one person wrote