Tatiana Maslany SMASHes the legal system in the first trailer for Disney Plus’ She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

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She-Hulk: Attorney At Law
She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

Alright Moon Knight, take your laughable Bri’ish accents and your gloomy tone and get out of here, it’s time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to get completely wacky with She-Hulk: Attorney At Law. Disney just released the first trailer for the Disney+ series, giving us our first look at Tatiana Maslany as the eponymous super-lawyer, and fans of the character will be pleased to know that it seems like she’s going to be spending a lot of time in her She-Hulk form (as is tradition for the character in the comics). Assuming you can tolerate the CG on her She-Hulk form... which will hopefully be a little more palatable once you get used to it.

The MCU is maintaining the comics canon that She-Hulk (a.k.a. attorney Jennifer Walters) is the cousin of Bruce Banner, who is still in the Professor Hulk form we saw in Avengers: Endgame (though the arm that got all burned up when he used the Infinity Stones seems to have healed, making his Shang-Chi cameo even more confusing). In this show, Bruce seems to be studying Jennifer’s own Hulk abilities, but it also seems like she might not have much control over it. That might be a good thing for her new job, which involves some kind of superhero-based law firm, with Tim Roth’s Emil Blonsky—a.k.a. the Abomination, previously seen in Shang-Chi for some reason—being her first client.

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Speaking of superhero-based law firms (which was a plot point on Daredevil) and lawyers with superpowers (like Daredevil), there is no mention of Daredevil or the events of Daredevil in this trailer. Both Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters are defense attorneys, though, so they probably won’t be going up against each other in court… if Daredevil shows up in this thing, which we’re really hoping he does. What this trailer does mention, at least implicitly, is that She-Hulk and some (relatively) little dude who likes french fries are totally going to have sex. She arches her eyebrows and carries him around, possibly to a bedroom! That’s pretty explicit for the MCU!

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law premieres on Disney+ on August 17.