The Talk - Mark Consuelos Says 'All My Children' Primetime Reboot Will Include 'fan favorites'

Actor Mark Consuelos visits "The Talk" on Friday and dishes on the upcoming "All My Children" primetime reboot. "'All My Children' was such a big part of my life and my wife's (Kelly Ripa) life. And you know, I met my wife there obviously, had kids, became a young man on that show. And we got the opportunity to reboot the primetime version and the idea was brought to us, and we're so excited. Of all the things that we've ever announced that we're going to do, this is one of the biggest responses we've got from our fans. They're so excited. It's a big piece of TV that's been missing for such a long time. And we're going to bring it back." Sheryl Underwood asks, "Will they still stay in Pine Valley? Is it going to be the Cortlandts and the Warners? Is it going to be everybody?" Consuelos reveals, "I know they're going to bring back some fan favorites, and it will take place in Pine Valley, and I'm really, really excited."