Taking a hike

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Oct. 16—School was out Wednesday for Berea College students, who instead of donning backpacks filled with school supplies put on hiking boots to head to the top of the Pinnacles for the annual Mountain Day celebration.

The tradition began in 1875 and is a college holiday set aside to celebrate the fall colors and other natural wonders that fill the Berea College Forest.

The day included a sunrise hike, mountaintop music, vendors and games.

For the 146th year, it was a return to normalcy after the outdoor Mountain Day celebrations were cancelled the past two years due to concerns surrounding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

After a sunrise hike to the East Pinnacle, students and college staff enjoyed musical and dance performances from various ensembles.

Just beyond the trail, tables were erected and students enjoyed lunch, played games and took part in other activities such as slack lining.

Mountain Day has undergone a lot of change. When it began, students dressed up and hiked up the mountain. Games such as log chopping, log tossing and a crosscut saw competition kept the students entertained.

Now, the dress is less formal, and the games have changed. But the spirit and atmosphere remain very much the same.

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