Takeaways from Jets HC Robert Saleh, including update on Quinnen Williams' injury

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Robert Saleh introductory news conference straight up
Robert Saleh introductory news conference straight up

The drafted rookies are in the building, the undrafted rookies have been signed, and the Jets' offseason rookie workouts are set to begin this weekend headed by new head coach Robert Saleh.

Saleh spoke to reporters on Friday to talk about the crop of young talent the team added over the last week, and also gave an update on an important part of the defense.

Here are the takeaways from his news conference...

Update on Quinnen Williams

Quinnen Williams fractured a small bone in his foot and had surgery to fix it this week, but Saleh said it was something that was bound to happen, and better now than later.

"It could've been worse," Saleh said on Williams' injury. ". ... It was something that was eventually going to happen, so for it to happen now so they can get it fixed and be ready for training camp, rather than it happen in training camp and now he's missing half the season. ... the timing of it all was good.

"You never want to see a young man get hurt, but the fact that he'll be ready for training camp is still a positive."

On where Zach Wilson is at as a leader

Among the many reasons why Zach Wilson was brought into the Jets organization was his ability to lead a team like he did at BYU last season. Saleh said he's noticing those traits immediately now with him in the building -- and not just from him.

"He's a young man that loves football," Saleh said. "You guys hear me and Joe talk about it. We want guys that absolutely love football and he's a guy that loves football. When you love football -- and I'm not just talking about Zach, but the entire free agency class, the entire draft class -- these guys really love football, so when you have a love for football, you're going to do everything you can to help yourself not only get better at it, but you're going to do everything you can to protect it, which means your off the field stuff is going to be right.

"To have Zach and your quarterback to have that mindset where he is just always trying to find a way to get better, it's awesome. But it's something that we want to see out of every one of our guys."

On what it's like to finally go out and coach the new guys

The Jets drafted 10 players last week and added another 12 undrafted guys over the course of this week, so there are a lot of new faces in the Jets facility.

"The biggest message (to the rookies) was take advantage of this opportunity to introduce yourselves to us as much as we're trying to introduce ourselves to you," Saleh said. "It's really just an introductory period, not only schematically, not just fundamentals and techniques and what we do both offensively, defensively and on special teams for that matter, but for them to really start to introduce who they are and what we can expect day in and day out, and not to leave any grey area in the identity that they want to portray."

What he's noticed is the difference between being head coach versus a coordinator

Saleh spent years and years on the sidelines as a different type of coach and was most recently the DC for the San Francisco 49ers for four seasons, but nothing compares to running the whole show.

"It's a blessing first," Saleh said. "The scope is bigger. ... there's obviously things that will change on game day and stuff, but from a practice standpoint, coaching coaches and helping players get to where they need to be so that they can achieve their best. ... I do think there's a lot of carryover. ... But it's been awesome, no complaints."

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