Taco Bell is apparently a 'high end' restaurant in China

Taco Bell is a newcomer to the world’s most populous country. According to the New York Times, the chain’s current Chinese version began opening in major cities in 2017. That explains why many in the U.S. are just now catching on. Thanks to video by TikToker Yusen Zhang, Americans are finding out just how different — and how “high end” — Taco Bell can get in China. In his viral clip, Zhang tours a location in Shanghai . Once inside, he finds modern decorations, a stylish seating area and an open kitchen where customers can watch their order come together. He then proceeds to explore the menu, which features plenty of unique items. As Zhang points out, the Shanghai location also offers a beef bulgogi and kimchi burrito, plus plenty of taco combos and sides. some locations also serve alcoholic slushes and a selection of Japanese beer. The video spawned all kinds of jealous reactions, with American Taco Bell fans pouring in their praise. “Bulgogi … American Taco Bell needs to step up their game,” one user wrote