Synergy Biomedical Announces Publication of Core Scientific Study on Its BioSphere Bone Graft Technology

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WAYNE, Pa., January 26, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Synergy Biomedical, LLC, a developer of innovative bone graft products for spine and orthopedic surgery, announced the publication of a basic science study describing the findings and scientific strategies of controlling the bone formation response of bioactive glass. This study was conducted by Synergy’s founder, Mark Borden Ph.D. and a team of clinical and basic science collaborators, and is published in the Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, Part B: Applied Biomaterials.

The results of the study demonstrate that the bone formation properties of a clinically accepted bone graft material, bioactive glass, can be optimized and improved by controlling particle shape and size. This concept led to the use of spherical bioactive glass particles in all of Synergy’s products and is the foundation of the Company’s patented BioSphere® Technology.

"This pivotal paper documents the innovative work conducted in the early history of Synergy Biomedical that identified bioactive glass spheres as an optimal particle for bone regeneration," stated Kevin Booth, CEO of Synergy Biomedical. "The study highlights Synergy’s strategic approach to understand and optimize biomaterial properties in order to bring next-generation bone graft products to the market. This strategy has differentiated our products and technology in a market full of first-generation bone graft materials."

According to co-author and spine surgeon, L. Erik Westerlund M.D. (Hughston Spine Outcomes Lab, Hughston Clinic, Columbus, GA), "The osteobiologic space in both orthopedic and spine surgery has become progressively inundated with new products that promise much, but simply lack essential and rigorous basic science support. It has never been more important for patients, surgeons, and payers to have the highest-level of basic science research as a foundation to products on the market. Synergy’s approach of optimizing spherical bioactive glass particles has translated to successful patient outcomes in our practice which has been documented in several clinical papers."

The study highlighted the following key concepts:

  • Bioactive glass stimulates cellular healing and forms a bioactive layer on its surface due to the release of ions from the glass as it slowly dissolves in the body

  • Bone formation between bioactive glass particles is dependent on inter-particle spacing and is directly controlled by particle shape and size

  • Bioactive glass spheres were successfully fabricated and maintained the chemical and bioactive properties of 45S5 bioactive glass

  • Bioactive glass spheres provided direct control over ion release and inter-particle spacing. Optimization of these particles can improve the bone healing properties of the glass.

To access this peer-reviewed article, click HERE.

About Synergy Biomedical, LLC

Founded in 2011, Synergy Biomedical is a privately held medical device company focused on bringing innovative biomaterial-based products to the orthopaedic and spinal markets. The Company’s BioSphere Technology represents a unique approach to advancing bone graft technology and improving bone healing and patient outcomes.

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