Sustainable Jewelry Brand Maŕa Peralta Studio Releases "Destruction" Collection

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Worn by the likes of Grimes and Emma Chamberlain, sustainable jewelry and accessories brand Maŕa Peralta Studio has released its latest collection dubbed "Destruction."

The female-owned brand was founded in the spirit of resistance, creating stainless steel pieces for all genders that evoke a sense of functionality, uniformity and attachment. A self-proclaimed evolution of the brand, the collection is inspired by New York’s architecture and the metropolis’ underlying dystopian aesthetic. Looking to her background in music, designer Maŕa Peralta uses the discipline’s emotionally transformative elements to reimagine physical materials for the collection.

Nodding to previous collections, the label’s latest capsule includes chain links that can be worn around boots for edge as well as simply seductive harnesses, alongside spherical bracelets. No body part is left bare as intricately designed headdresses make a bold statement, while layered rings add a minimalist yet bold accessory to any look. Chunky necklaces demand attention, while lengthy earrings engraved with the designer’s moniker immediately catch the eye.

Take a look at Maŕa Peralta Studio’s third collection “Destruction” in the gallery above and visit the brand’s website to purchase pieces from the capsule.