Supermarket Sweep and Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune both renewed at ABC

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Supermarket Sweep
Supermarket Sweep

ABC has renewed two of its prime-time gameshows for second seasons this evening, as Deadline reports that Leslie Jones’ raucous, funny, energetic, and just generally delightful Supermarket Sweep revival will get a second year on the air. Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune has also been renewed.

Based on the same basic premise that powered the original—i.e., that, since basically everybody does grocery shopping, expertise with the show’s subject matter is essentially built in—Supermarket Sweep has been an extremely fun addition to the ABC lineup over the last year. Jones, especially, appears to be enjoying the hell out of herself, even when contestants break her (and our) hearts by not figuring out a very simple riddle about crackers. Also, Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune is a show where famous people (Patton Oswalt, Alfonso Ribiera, Leslie Jones herself, and more) play Wheel Of Fortune.

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(Actually, we know we’re halfway through a bit right now where we act like Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune is very boring, but we were doing some research on it and realized Paul Reubens guest-starred back in February; we’re very into the idea of Reubens being vaguely threatening toward Pat Sajak while playing Wheel Of Fortune.)

Both shows performed well for the network earlier this year, with Wheel a surprisingly strong hit among people who really want to watch Tony Hawk play Wheel Of Fortune. Sweep pulled in roughly half those ratings, but remained stable throughout its run.

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