Superman & Lois: Key role recast as Jonathan Kent actor leaves series

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A key role in Superman & Lois is being recast.

The US series, which airs on the BBC in the UK, stars Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch as the title characters.

One character in the show is Jonathan Kent, the son of Superman’s alias Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

In the series, the character is named after Clark’s adoptive father, who has been played in films by Glenn Ford and Kevin Costner.

However, Jordan Elsass, the actor who plays the young Jonathan in Superman & Lois notified Warner Bros TV that “he will not be returning for season three due to personal reasons”.

Thie studio said: “The role of Jonathan Kent will be recast.”

Deadline reports that the new comes after Elsass failed to “report back to work” after cast members were asked to return to Vancouver for filming.

The reasoning for his decision is unknown and Elsass was not available for comment.

Jordan Elsass as Jonathan Kent in ‘Superman & Lois’ (BBC)
Jordan Elsass as Jonathan Kent in ‘Superman & Lois’ (BBC)

Superman & Lois also stars Alex Garfin, Erik Valdez and Emmanuelle Chriqui.