Success Through Creative Solutions: Axenic Co-Founder Comments on Internet Marketing and Branding

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / January 28, 2020 / With the advent of the internet and social media, there came new ways of doing business. The internet revolutionized marketing. Today, any entrepreneur can reach markets world over. However, the advent of internet marketing and branding brought with it the need for more advanced strategies and better-equipped marketers. Now, more than ever the marketing industry is facing a dramatic increase in the need for creative solutions experts and agencies.

Ariya Behjat, the CEO and co-founder at Axenic, is just one of the entrepreneurs who have learned the importance of internet marketing. More and more people today are losing faith in the traditional way of working to earn a living. They are taking to the internet to seek financial freedom, and they are getting it. Ariya dropped out halfway only to make it big in the entrepreneurial world through design-thinking. The designer, freelancer, and photographer's influence got hugely inspired by the fact that he grew up in Dubai at a time of its climatic social and design change.

At only 22, Ariya was a self-made global photographer being the only one to afford a studio on Columbus Street in San Francisco. Having zero connections and no means to fulfill his dreams, he became self-taught in all matters, branding, and marketing. Here are some of his comments on the same.

Axenic and Their Take on Marketing

In 2015, Axenic was brought to life by Lewk and Ariya merged their services. Since then, they have been creating and empowering brands while strategizing the best opportunities for investors in their community. As the CEO and co-founder, Ariya is responsible for; producing high-quality design solutions across all channels; partnering with businesses and external vendors and coordinating operations; mentoring, and guiding the design team while developing concepts, handing off, and executing. When asked how he felt about being part of the creative agency, this was his reply, 'Being part of Axenic is fantastic! With Axenic, I get to Impact global trends throughout communities, and discover opportunities to innovate and give back.'

Axenic has its operations in Los Angeles, Monte Carlo, Dubai, and Milan, with only 16 employees. They would not be where they are without excellent creative marketing. At Axenic, they believe that if they are not disrupting the market, even at the smallest scale, they are doing marketing wrong.


To cultivate a brand, Axenic believes in identifying a company's purpose, rather than its position in the market. A purpose-driven brand will show how a company plans to impact the world positively. It should bring customers and culture together. With no purpose, a brand would lack authenticity, which would make the business just another competitor and not a disruptor. A purpose-led brand is guaranteed to succeed. The company's purpose is what makes a brand relevant and necessary to its customers. That purpose should be the company's main focus and should inform every business decision they make. Companies that abandon their core purpose for scale and increase revenue always lose. Today, customers are not only interested in quality products and fair prices, and they want to buy from companies that have a purpose they relate to and are in line with their values and beliefs.

The Vision

'Our vision for Axenic is to automate our creative side and expand more on our global investor network. We have learned that we are the connecting bridge between some businesses and investors. Our global presence helps us give investors opportunities to explore promising startups, products, and entertainers that are relevant to them. That also helps the receiving end with automatic global exposure.' Ariya continues to say, "While this is happening on a small scale today, we made plans to start independent branches in education, community service, and urban architecture, providing a platform for different communities to develop their surroundings with our help and the help of their peers.'

Even after not being a good student in school until college, Ariya has a dream to change how education works. He plans to do so by designing an auxiliary program that will raise makers and producers, Visionera. Through Visionera Ventures, he has empowered education and technology innovators to collaborate, progress, and redefine the scope of learning for the future.


Company Name: Axenic
Name: Ariya Behjat

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