Subscriber benefits you might not be aware of: A message from Enquirer editor Beryl Love

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Share your Enquirer subscription with a friend.
Share your Enquirer subscription with a friend.

Greetings, Enquirer subscriber.

Each week in this news letter, I talk about the exclusive content you receive with your subscription. But there are other benefits that you might now be aware of. Here's a quick rundown:

Take with you

Get the latest local news with The Cincinnati Enquirer mobile app for iOS and Android.

Turn on personalized alerts to get the news you care about as it happens, from the top stories of the day to sports scores. also works great on your phone or tablet's browser with nearly all of the same great features as the app.

You'll find more than stories, too. We have photos, videos and more.

Get the print newspaper, digitally

See which stories made the front page of the print edition, or take a crack at the daily crossword puzzle, with our e-edition.

This is an exact replica of the newspaper, designed to be accessed on your mobile device or computer.

It even has the comics section so you'll never miss your favorites.

Daily news, delivered to your inbox

Prefer email? We have you covered. offers a slate of newsletters, including the popular Daily Briefing, which features all of our top stories delivered every morning.

We also have newsletters devoted to politics, sports, business openings and closings and things to do.

This year, The Enquirer also introduced a subscriber-only newsletter, Your Week Cincinnati.

One subscription is actually two

Don't keep all of this to yourself.

You can share access to your digital subscription with a family member or friend. They get all of the same benefits while you get someone to talk to about the day's news.

Trust us, they'll love it.

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As always. thank you for supporting local journalism with your subscription to The Enquirer.

Beryl Love writes a weekly email to subscribers. Email him at

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