Styles P Claims 21 Savage Isn’t A Lyricist

Styles P is claiming that 21 Savage isn’t a real lyricist. During a recent episode of Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion, The LOX emcee discussed 21’s comments regarding Nas’ “relevancy” in the aftermath of the two rappers squashing the controversy.

Styles declared the UK-born rapper’s lyrical content not good enough to be labeled lyrical or mentioned in the same breath as Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. The “Good Times” rapper further stated that Drizzy should have called the Atlanta rapper out for calling Nasir irrelevant.

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“I like 21 Savage. Don’t love him; I like him a lot. The sh*t he say tickles me pink and I’m like, ‘I can’t believe this ni**a said that!’ It’s dope. I f**ks with him,” he said. “My ni**a, you not a lyricist. F**k all that.”

“Drake’s supposed to tell this ni**a, ‘Chill. That’s Nasir Jones,'” he continued. “My ni**a, you are talented, you are dope, you are f**king fly, your flavor, you mean a lot to the culture, you are important. [But] you ain’t one of them. You ain’t a three-point shooter from deep. Nas is. Drake’s supposed to say, ‘I am. Kendrick is. Cole is. You are not. Leave him alone, that is our OG.'”

Later in the interview, Styles P, 48, then admitted that the Slaughter Gang artist probably doesn’t care what he feels about him and there’s a chance that he won’t hear his critique. Ghost also discussed some of own OGs, claiming that some of them “suck lyrically.”

“There’s a lot of legends I think suck lyrically,” he added. “If you older than me, my peer, or younger than me, there’s some of y’all ni**as that I will run circles around. You don’t even deserve to be next to me. But if you earned your keep, guess what? I’m a step right here. Who the f**k am I egoistically to step on that?”

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The Her Loss entertainer’s infamous comments arrived during a Clubhouse chat in November. After Nas and Hit-Boy released the critically acclaimed King’s Disease III, Savage offered his opinion on the legend during a conversation regarding Hip-Hop’s icons.

“I don’t feel like he’s relevant,” he said during a discussion about veteran rappers. “He’s not relevant. He just has a loyal fanbase, and he still makes good-ass music. But relevant? Nah.” He walked back his comments days later amid the backlash, stating that his intent wasn’t to diss the Queensbridge icon.

I would never disrespect Nas or any legend who paved the way for me y’all be tryna take stuff and run with it.”

21 and Jones then squashed the situation with “One Mic, One Gun,” a collaboration that finds both rappers trading bars about longevity, relevancy, and their careers.

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