Stunning Final Jeopardy! shocks fans: ‘This must be how people that watch sports feel’

Jeopardy!” fans were treated to a wild ending Wednesday, as contestants Jon Spurney and Tim Everhart had a huge lead over Melis Sahin-Collins heading into Final Jeopardy!. Spurney and Everhart both had $14,200 to wager in the final round, while Sahin-Collins only had $2,000.

Sahin-Collins answered the final question incorrectly, but made a zero dollar bid. Spurney and Everhart also answered the question incorrectly but wagered all of their money, so Sahin-Collins.

Viewers were shocked by the incredible finish. One viewer tweeted, “Tonight’s ‘Jeopardy!’ had some real M. Night Shyamalan level plot twist energy. I’m very here for it.” While another joked, “Yeah sex is cool, but have you ever seen a 3rd place ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant win by using strategic betting in Final Jeopardy!?”