New Study from Quintain Living Reveals the Best and Worst UK Cities for Pet Owners

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LONDON, January 25, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--To celebrate the upcoming anniversary of the UK Government changing the law to give pet owners more freedom to rent, Quintain Living - the award-winning management company overseeing the rental of more than 3,000 apartments in Wembley Park - has released a new study focusing on renting with pets in the UK. The study, based on 1,000 respondents who own pets, provides insights on the best and worst UK cities for pet owners, the pets most commonly concealed from landlords and even how owners hide their pets from their landlords!

The study revealed that the most pet-friendly city in the UK is Brighton, with Edinburgh and Liverpool ranking in second and third places respectively. Meanwhile, Belfast turned out to be the least pet-friendly city, with London and Glasgow rounding up the bottom three. The results were based on accessibility of parks, vets, pet grooming salons, pet-friendly pubs and pet boarding establishments in each city.

As for where the most pet-friendly landlords are located, Norwich took the top spot with 96%, closely followed by Leeds (95%) and Sheffield (93%). The capital, London came fourth with 90% of landlords, such as Quintain Living, being happy to let pets in rented properties. Plymouth (82%), Cardiff (80%) and Edinburgh (73%) were voted as the cities with the fewest pet-friendly landlords.

Birds are named as the most secretly kept pets in the UK - a staggering 50% of respondents who keep birds admitted hiding them from their landlord. Rabbits are in second place, cited by 43% of people who own them. A truly unexpected animal finds itself coming in third place - horses, according to 33% of respondents.

When it comes to hiding pets from landlords during inspections, the most common way is taking the pet for a walk (35%), asking a friend to look after them (32%), asking neighbours (19%) and hiding them in the wardrobe or cupboard (15%). Almost 1 in ten pet owners (9%) admitted they use a disguising technique to hide their pets from their landlords.

Other key findings from the survey:

  • 27% of landlords do not know that their tenants keep pets

  • About one third of Britons have been hiding their pets for over three years

  • 17% of pet owners considered giving up their pet in order to find somewhere to rent

  • 38% of pet owners do not feel comfortable asking for permission to keep a pet

  • 29% of pet owners experienced difficulty finding a property to rent

  • 17% of females and 21% of males claim hiding a pet affects their own and their pet's mental health

  • 30% of Britons think they could rent a nicer property if they didn't have a pet

  • Plymouth and Liverpool, with 44% each, were voted as the top cities with pet-friendly pubs while Belfast (15%) and Manchester (29%) found themselves at the bottom of the ranking

  • 34% of Londoners believe the city to have a decent amount of pet-friendly pubs

Quintain Living is on a mission to help all residents love where they live and offers properties for rent that allow pets. At Quintain Living, residents and their pets will always feel welcome.

Danielle Bayless, COO of Quintain Living said: "The UK is a nation of animal lovers and pets are integral members of the family for many, including myself. For too long renters have been excluded from owning pets in their homes but as we have proved, there is no reason why we cannot live in harmony together. We are proud to have been one of the first to offer pet-friendly homes to rent as well as a host of pet-friendly amenities on-site for two and four-legged residents alike to enjoy."


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Quintain Living is an award-winning management company overseeing the rental of 3,000 pet-friendly apartments in Wembley Park. At Quintain Living, residents and their pets can rent a home that has been thoughtfully designed with exceptional amenities, services and perks, all curated to meet their specific needs.

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