These are the strangest reasons people have taken out personal loans, according to bankers

people can take out personal loans — or at least put in applications for one — for anything. Seriously — anything. Loanry surveyed 5,086 loan brokers and personal bankers about the oddest loan requests they’ve gotten. The results were shocking, to say the least. One broker noted that they once received a loan request to buy a tiger. Another got an application to borrow money to follow David Hasselhoff on tour around Europe. Someone else worked with a client who wanted to borrow money to visit every Applebee’s in the U.S. one person noted that they once reviewed an application that requested a personal loan to get plastic surgery to look like Kris Jenner. Perhaps the most unusual request, though, came from someone who simply wanted to see what $10,000 in cash looked and smelled like. According to Loanry, it’s unclear how many of these loan applications — if any — were approved