Stranded Wombat Rescued From the Middle of Australian Lake

An emergency wildlife rescue service recently saved a wombat stranded on a stump in the middle of Lake Mulwala in Victoria, Australia.

Dutch Thunder Wildlife Shelter, a 24-hour volunteer wildlife emergency rescue service and shelter posted this video to Facebook on January 30.

Kylee Donkers, who owns the shelter, told Storyful a grandmother and her grandsons spotted the wombat. Local business owners Jack and Rachel Hocking assisted in the rescue by allowing Donkers to use their boat.

Donkers can be seen in the video carefully balancing on a stump to reach the animal.

Donkers wrote on Facebook that “wombats can be extremely vicious and unpredictable,” but “lucky for us, the wombat was so weak from its experience, it didn’t put up a fight. It was happy to be bagged and pulled aboard the boat.”

She added, “A quick examination saw that there were no major injuries. She was taken back to land, loaded in the car, and the warming process began. She is now safe back at the shelter, where she will receive the best of care and hopefully she will be released in the near future.” Credit: Dutch Thunder Wildlife Shelter via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Oh, she's done it.


- Oh, well done.

- Not yet.



- If I push it into the water, are you going to be-- and grab the handle?

- Yeah, yeah.

- Are you going to be out there right--

- Yeah.

- Last leg.

- It's all right. Now as quick as you can. He's not tight inside.

- [INAUDIBLE] on that too.

- Yeah. Yep, should we swing him around? Beautiful.