Storms fell trees, knock down pavilion

Dec. 1—Lashing winds and storms roiled through the area Wednesday, toppling trees and knocking down a pavilion that was under construction at Mason-Dixon Park.

"It wasn't so much the rain as the wind, " MECCA 911 Director Jim Smith said.

"We had downed trees and trees into power lines, " he said. "There were heavy branches in the road."

But not a lot of car accidents, he said.

No injuries were reported at the height of the deluges either, he said.

Wind and rain aside, those 50-degree, daytime temperatures may have been mild—but Smith was wondering about the evening's projected lows in the 20s, for the people coming home from work, or going out for Christmas shopping.

"You'll really need to watch the black ice on those places where water goes across the road, " he said. "That's easy to miss. You round a curve and go into a skid. Just be careful."

In the meantime, temperatures across Morgantown and Monongalia County were expected to go into a skid today for the first day of December.

Look for a high of 37 today with a low of 25 tonight, AccuWeather said.

The seasonal drop comes by way of storm patterns moving from the Great Lakes and parts of Canada, AccuWeather senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said.

Elsewhere, tornadoes Tuesday cut a swath of destruction across Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, leaving at least two people dead while injuring scores of others.

The up-and-down weather trend in Monongalia County and north-central West Virginia will run through the rest of the week, Sosnowski said.

Mostly sunny skies with cold temperatures make up the weather landscape today, with a high of 37 and a low of 25, he said.

The sun will continue shining Friday and Saturday with highs of 60 and 54, respectively—but expect a cold Saturday night with a low of 23.

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