Stimulus Update: See What States Are Sending Checks in December

Millions of Americans are expected to receive stimulus payments around Christmastime by way of their local state governments. Some states issue their own stimulus checks, and others are even providing universal basic income payments. See if your state is sending a stimulus payment in December, below.

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California has been sending checks via its Golden State Stimulus II package over the last few months. Governor Gavin Newsom implemented this state stimulus program several months ago by utilizing California’s progressive tax scheme, one which allowed for a state surplus to fund the program. Another check is expected before the end of the year.


Florida is planning to issue stimulus checks in December to first responders, pre-K-12th-grade teachers and those who meet the financial requirements to receive a one-time payment of $1,000. Governor Ron DeSantis states that 175,000 teachers and 3,6000 principals will be eligible for the check. The state stimulus program for teachers is an attempt at retaining school staff after a particularly hard year for education-sector workers.


Maine has been sending out stimulus payments via the state government since Nov. 15. The checks, in the amount of $285, have been distributed to over 500,000 people thus far.


Maryland is sending stimulus checks to low-income families and individuals. Qualifying families will receive $500 and individuals will receive $300.

Certain cities are also issuing their own forms of stimulus, details of which are provided following.

Stimulus Checks by City


Low-income families and individuals in Chicago have been receiving universal basic income payments if they make less than $35,000 a year. Payments have been in the form of $500 checks, and the participants of the program are chosen at random.

District of Columbia

Payments of $500 have been sent out to 100 low-income fathers since September in what is a universal income pilot program.

New Orleans

As part of Louisiana’s financial literacy program, teenagers will be given $350 in monthly payments. The first batch of payments is scheduled to be sent in December, and the program is expected to last for 10 months thereafter. In order to qualify you must be between the ages of 16-24 and be either unemployed or not in school.


200 low-earning households in Pittsburgh may receive $500 a month for the next two years. The city is currently considering the idea as part of its distribution of COVID relief funds.

Santa Ana

Santa Ana, California, residents will receive an add-on to their Golden State stimulus. The “Revive Santa Ana Resident Stimulus Program” is sending out $6 million to poor neighborhoods in the city. This stimulus will come in the form of $300 payments loaded on prepaid Visa debit cards, and said cards will be sent to 20,000 Santa Ana rental units.

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Seattle, Washington, has one of the more generous state stimulus-type of programs in the country. Low-income residents of the city will be able to claim stimulus checks worth up to $3,000. The deadline for this passed on Nov. 15, but those who qualified had to have been at least 18 years old, and earning less than half of the median income in Seattle. This amounts to $40,500 for individuals and $57,850 for a four-member family.

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