Stepping Stone Medical: The Challenges of Training Healthcare Practitioners in Legal & Liability Best Practices

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STATESVILLE, NC / ACCESSWIRE / June 3, 2021 / Stepping Stone Medical is a leading medical training center in Statesville, NC, working to develop and support the next generation of medical professionals whose understanding of safety and best practices are unequaled in the industry. Unfortunately, in today's legal and social climate, that means healthcare facilities must be ahead of the curve when it comes to avoiding frivolous litigation and minimizing other legitimate legal expenditures and losses. Stepping Stone Medical is dedicated to the challenge of developing medical professionals with the skills and the educational background to recognize potential legal issues before they arise and effectively mitigate them. We spoke with a few of Stepping Stone Medical's top decision-makers to discuss how this is done and what challenges lay ahead for the medical industry. Here's some of what we learned.

Training Care Providers on Legal Issues

The idea of training health care practitioners to avoid and minimize both the risk and the cost of legal issues in practice is one that raises some eyebrows, the Stepping Stone Medical training team explains. Patients especially can lose faith in a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physical therapist, and so on, if they hear that said practitioner is training to avoid and minimize damages associated with legal risk. This is why it is so valuable to have such training incorporated, by the teaching body, into the basic instruction received by practitioners.

Today's health care professionals must appreciate the necessity of understanding the legal environment they work in. With constantly receding resources, shorter periods of stay, better-informed patients, the greater availability of information, diverse patient demographics, and the ready availability of information technology- health care professionals cannot afford not to understand the legal risks inherent in their work. For the institutions where our students will work, the risk of litigation is even more serious.

Stepping Stone Medical Course Material

Stepping Stone Medical offers courses in the following areas:

  • Medical Administrative Assistant

  • Medical Assistant

  • Phlebotomy Tech

  • IV Therapy Training


  • Medical Billing & Coding

Each of these courses includes an overview of legal concerns that affect the medical interests at issue. These include state law, elements of the legal system as they affect medicine, liability types and issues, regulations and compliance, types of malpractice, and the characteristics of informed consent, among other key topics.

With a firm understanding of these basics and more, our students leave Stepping Stone Medical with an optimal chance of enjoying a long and fruitful career, and the tools necessary to protect their employers and partners from destructive legal conflicts.

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