Step ups can be done anywhere

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Marlo Alleva demonstrates a step up.
Marlo Alleva demonstrates a step up.

Is it a new year or a new you? Maybe a little of both.

Regardless of any kind of resolutions or life changes, we all need a refresher from time to time and basic is best!

Our move today is a step up. You will need a short step, porch, stairway, etc. This will be working your cardio and toning your lower body and core as well. You can even add light hand weights for added resistance.

Begin these step ups by positioning your self squarely in front of your chosen step. Holding your chest tall, and your core tight, proceed to step up with your right foot. Once you place it securely onto your step, lift your left leg as if you are going to step up as well, but instead, simply lift the knee creating a contraction in your abdominals. As you reach your highest point, return the left foot back to the ground. Then step down with your right foot; bringing yourself back to your starting position.

Then repeat the same movement with the opposite leading foot. Go slow at first, to get a good rhythm, and balance.

At this point, you can pick up your pace, and even try lifting your knee a little higher on each step up.

Give your self at least 10 steps on each side for one set. Depending on your fitness level, you can go to exhaustion, or give your self a determined amount of sets with a small rest in between.

This is a simple move that can be added into either your cardio days, or even a warm-up for your lower body workouts. And the best part is it can be done anywhere that you have access to a single step.

These step ups are a great addition to any new fitness routine or a perfect way to change things up to refresh any regular workout plan.

This article originally appeared on The Ledger: Basic is best