State inspectors trap skunk at Honolulu Harbor 1st spotted aboard ship from San Diego

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Jul. 23—A live skunk was captured at Honolulu Harbor on Wednesday after being spotted in the area the day before.

The skunk was caught at Pier 1. In January a live skunk was caught at the harbor ; another was captured there in February 2018.

The state Department of Agriculture reported the male skunk was caught Wednesday after a terminal supervisor reported spotting the animal Tuesday morning on the deck of a container ship that arrived from San Diego on Monday.

Inspectors from the DOA's Plant Quarantine Branch were unable to find the skunk on Tuesday, but received another report the animal was spotted in the area.

Six traps were set that Tuesday night, and on Wednesday morning inspectors were notified the animal had been caught.

A test for rabies was conducted on the animal and is being sent to the mainland ; results are expected in a few days.

In December, a live skunk was caught on Maui at Kahului Harbor. In August 2018, a live skunk was caught in a container at a Maui trucking company. All the previously captured skunks tested negative for rabies.

Skunks are prohibited in Hawaii and are only allowed by permit for research or on exhibition at a zoo. They are recognized as one of the primary carriers of rabies in the wild.

Sightings or captures of illegal and invasive species can be reported to the state's Pest Hotline at 643-7378.

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