Startup Bedding Company Viscosoft is Slated to Develop AI-Driven Sleep Experience

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 9, 2021 / The award-winning startup, Viscosoft, has swiftly solidified its place as an industry leader in the $1.5 billion mattress topper industry. The company was born as an export business in 2007 by Founder and CEO Gabriel Dungan, creating and selling wholesale products to department, furniture, and big-box stores throughout North America. The company has maintained its roots but grown rapidly, solidifying itself as a pillar in its field with upwards of 25,000 verified reviews. The company evolved largely in part to the eCommerce boom, gaining popularity online as it began direct sales through its website and Amazon. As momentum grew, brick-and-mortar retailers became drawn to the brand, resulting in their products starting to penetrate the massive in-person retail market in addition to its existing online presence. Viscosoft has effectively maintained consistent and comprehensive expertise in material sciences and textile engineering, differentiating themselves from competitors and allowing for continued growth.

As the value of a good night's rest continues to gain importance in the lives of consumers, increasing numbers of insomniacs are turning to mattress toppers for their ability to deliver better sleep at an affordable price. Mattress toppers are a low-cost alternative to replacing your mattress. Similarly to the way frontline workers (medical professionals, baristas/cooks, painters, etc.) were drawn to the comfort and function of CROCS in the early 2000s for their comfort, functionality, and price, an increasing amount of value-based consumers are drawn to mattress toppers and the versatility they offer in delivering better sleep in homes, dorms, RVs, AirBnB's, and everything in between. Over the years, Viscosoft has introduced several innovative topper options supporting this new consumer conversation and delivering better sleep to thousands of customers.

Viscosoft was honored with a Good Housekeeping Best Bedding Award earlier this year, an award that celebrates the brand's innovative, hybrid mattress topper. Widely recognized for delivering high-performing products accompanied by an ethical price model, Viscosoft constantly seeks ways to continue pushing the limits of solutions for better sleep. Their next step forward is developing and delivering an AI-driven "smart" memory foam mattress topper with integrated sensor technology that provides recommendations for higher sleep quality. Dungan describes the venture with high expectations because the integrated sensor technology delivers recommendations without consumers having to change behavior, "The personalized recommendations will integrate with smart home devices and wellness apps like Calm and Headspace to simplify the process of realizing better sleep night after night". The smart mattress topper will be added to their industry-leading topper portfolio for under $200, making this product available to almost anybody interested in personalized recommendations on how to improve their sleep.

Interested parties can explore Viscosoft's milestone achievements by going to their website.

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