Stanning BTS: RM’s Indigo Album Review

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After a bit of a delay, it’s finally here: RM’s Indigo has arrived, and Stanning BTS is here with a full review!

The BTS leader’s new solo album has hosts Kayla and Bethany completely obsessed. “Still Life,” “Change Pt.2,” “Lonely,” and “Wildflower”! There are bops, there are intimate songs, and his lyricism truly touches hearts.

RM said that Indigo is an archive of his final years in his 20s and a diary from 2019 to 2022. And he delivered. There are so many times that we wonder what is going on in RM’s mind and now we have a whole album. Our sage, our artist, has really made something special and we have a super-sized episode that breaks down everything.

Take a listen to this episode of Stanning BTS to hear our complete, in depth review of RM’s Indigo. Then, make sure you like, review, and subscribe to the show. You can also follow the Consequence Podcast Network for updates on all our shows.

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Stanning BTS: RM’s Indigo Album Review
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