Splitboarders Have Close Encounter With Avalanche at Colorado's Berthoud Pass

A pair of splitboarders had a close encounter with an avalanche while out riding the snowy slopes at Berthoud Pass in northern Colorado on Wednesday, November 25.

Joseph Triscari, who filmed this footage, told Storyful he and his companion had been out all morning riding the aspects freshly blanketed during a storm the previous day.

“Everything we had ridden that morning was very stable and we witnessed no immediate dangers,” he said.

They had thought the slope featured in the video would make for another thrilling ride. Remaining vigilant, they cautiously tested the stability of the snow-packed aspect with a ski cut, triggering an avalanche.

“We figured if it sat idle and showed no red flags it would most likely ride like the similar aspects we had ridden earlier that morning,” Triscari told Storyful. “Thankfully our ski cut revealed the danger of the slope in question and we were able to safely change our game plan and continue snowboarding that day.”

Triscari’s footage shows the unstable surface snow slide violently down the knoll moments after his splitboarding partner performs the ski cut. Credit: Joseph Triscari via Storyful