Speech Morphing, Inc. Game-changing Speech Synthesis Technology Receives QSR Magazine’s 2020 Applied Tech Award

Speechmorphing branded, human-like speech for human-machine interaction at restaurants improves customer satisfaction amid COVID-19 disruptions

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Speech Morphing, Inc., a global AI speech technology company revolutionizing human-machine communications with uniquely branded synthetic voices, announced today that it has been selected as a winner of QSR Magazine’s 2020 Applied Tech Awards in the Customer Facing/Front of House category. The biennial Applied Tech Awards recognize technology platforms and products that enhance the restaurant industry. The Customer Facing/Front of House category highlights technologies that make a direct positive impact on restaurateur-customer interactions.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has had irreversible effects on the restaurant industry, so the winners this year are especially touted for their contribution to the adaptability of restaurants in the face of sudden and lengthy disruptions. More about the awards here: QSRmagazine.com/applied-tech-awards

“The conversational AI commerce has a new and higher standard for speech synthesis. Synthetic voices are expected to be branded, more natural and human-like: to have varied styles and change tones based on the situation,” said Fathy Yassa, CEO of Speech Morphing, Inc. “This is what Speechmorphing proudly delivers. We are honored to be recognized by QSR Magazine for our impact on the restaurant industry, especially in such a tumultuous time.”

Speechmorphing speech synthesis technology, backed by 16 issued U.S. Patents, is designed to improve human-machine interaction and customer experience. It delivers uniquely branded, more human-like, natural, expressive Text-to-Speech/synthesized voices. For restaurants whose business shifted to a “carry-out only” model during state-wide lockdowns of 2020, a voice-enabled digital assistant platform with advanced human-machine communication capabilities is invaluablein improving the customer experience.

With Speechmorphing, a conversational AI system can speak to customers in its uniquely branded voice. The voice expresses clear intent, uses appropriate tones and styles, and responds to customers with natural, personable, and intelligent speech. Moreover, it exhibits emotional intelligence, and supports the brand image, thus strengthening brand loyalty.

“Digital voices are extensions of the company brand. Therefore, it is critical to design an engaging persona with a unique voice that is true to that brand,” said Shing Pan, vice president of Marketing and Business Development at Speech Morphing, Inc. “Speechmorphing incorporates prosody, the expressive aspect of human speech, into its voice modeling, adding a dimension to digital voices that is lacking in conventional speech synthesis offerings.”

Speechmorphing creates high-quality, high-resemblance, expressive synthesized voices with just a few minutes of speech data, and then deploys it in a company’s voice system in days. This ease-of-use means that a customized human-machine communication system is now a real option for restaurants and other businesses in the service industry.

About Speech Morphing, Inc.
Speechmorphing is a global AI speech technology company revolutionizing human-machine communications with personalized and uniquely branded synthetic voices. Our products and services deliver natural and human-like voices to broaden accessibility and accelerate the proliferation of synthesized speech for real world applications. Speechmorphing works closely with developers of conversational AI applications, customer experience (CX) and digital assistant platforms, wearables, and IoT devices to innovate simple yet sophisticated and cost-effective voice solutions for global markets. Speechmorphing is headquartered in San Jose, California, with offices in Israel and Europe.

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