SpaceXCoin ($SPXC) Is the First Crypto for Space Travel, a Meme Token Backed by Aerospace Research & Development

World's first Crypto for space travelers and enthusiasts aims to be the leading currency for interplanetary missions, funding travel, habitation, agriculture, and entertainment complexes across the galaxies.

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / October 10, 2022 / To contribute to Elon Musk's dream of "Making multiplanet humanity species" and Mars Exploration, Purdue University, and Georgia Tech engineers decided to launch crypto with the meme name 'SpaceXCoin' after the SpaceX rocket company. Their goal is to create a sustainable cryptocurrency that can serve as a medium of exchange during and after space travel and a currency that continues to serve the settlers on Mars. SpaceXCoin will be the first community-driven crypto project backed by an aerospace research and development company, SpaceXCoin Enterprise Inc. The company is located in Florida, United States.

This cryptocurrency was minted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network. The total Maximum Supply is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (One Sextillion), 40% supply was burned after the deployment of the token. Therefore, Current Circulating Supply is 600,000,000,000,000,000,000 (Six Hundred Quintillion).

3% tax from each sale transaction will go to the space missions and projects. According to Tokenomics, a 3% reflection tax will go back to each holder, and 2% will add to the liquidity from every transaction.

SpaceXCoin's CEO Qazi Shakoor (Mr. Spock), a mechanical engineer, said, "It's time for us to start preparing for our journey to space, most importantly for Mars. It would be inspiring to be onboard the Starship that will carry over 100 people and 100t payload flying through the silent space 140 million miles away to Mars, spending 7.5 months in microgravity."

SpaceXCoin Enterprise is already engaged with multiple projects, which include Artificial Gravity research, Mars Habitat, Agriculture on Mars, and Health & reproduction on Mars. The team is connected with 12 universities and organizations with several research groups. The organization will attain U.S. Patents for each unique development and discovery.

SpaceXCoin's ecosystem consists of a significant utility called SpaceXchange, an AI-enabled trading platform currently in production and recently initiated its paperwork for Security Exchange Commission (SEC) to comply with the Federal regulations in the United States. The team SpaceXCoin is also working on its Blockchain platform "BlockchainX," a hyperfast technology in terms of scalability, security and transaction speed. SpaceXCoin's NFTs and WalletX are also coming soon.

The developer team was doxed. The project went through the KYC process and passed the Smart Contract Audit by SolidProof, a well-known German Smart Contract audit company.

Company's design engineer Glen Lambert said, "I'm very excited with our cryptocurrency project and very proud of our team because we are not only involved with aerospace technology but also extending our hands to help our local communities by joining the City of Miami's Homeless Assistance program." SpaceXCoin opened a charity wallet on its website for that charity initiative.

The Fair Launch of SpaceXCoin ICO will be listed on the PinkSale ( very soon. During that time, crypto investors can purchase $SPXC token on PinkSale as the earliest investors.

Major CEX (MEXC Global, Bitmart, ShibnobiSwap etc.) listing will take place within a few weeks after the Fair Launch. Therefore, SpaceXCoin aims to reach Time High (ATH) X10000 of its listing price.

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