South Korea's 'Avengers' Olympic fencing team wins gold by 'sacrificing our freedom'

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South Korea’s sabre fencing Olympic team, known as the “Avengers," won a gold medal and opened up about their strenuous training schedules.

Taking home the gold: Oh Sang-uk, the number one-ranked sabre fencer, led South Korea in securing the gold at the Olympics alongside his teammates Gu Bon-gil, Kim Jung-hwan and Kim Jun-ho, reported ESPN.

  • This win marks South Korea’s second Olympic team with a gold medal. The South Korean archery team has won three gold medals.

  • The "Avengers" nickname comes from their “superior speed and deft footwork” in addition to how they worked together to win two world titles and an Asian Games gold medal in the last four years, according to The Korea Herald.

  • The "Avengers" won 45-26 against Italy on July 28.

  • Kim Jung-hwan is the first fencer from Asia with four fencing medals.

Training schedules: Kim Jun-ho revealed that the reason they were able to win a gold medal was due to their hard training schedules.

  • “We basically sacrifice our freedom and put everything into the training and that is the reason we could make the gold,” he told ESPN.

  • He is also sad because he got married last year but has not been able to enjoy married life and has not seen his wife for four months.

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