South Dakota woman to serve probation for drug sale

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May 9—WORTHINGTON — A district judge has ordered probation in a drug sale case.

Mary Zephier-Crossman, 41, of Yankton, South Dakota, was arrested a December 2019 traffic stop, and was charged with two counts of felony first-degree drug sale along with a slew of misdemeanor offenses. She pleaded guilty to Count One, and all other charges were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

On Wednesday, Fifth Judicial District Judge Terry Vajgrt sentenced Zephier-Crossman to 115 months in prison, with a stay of execution, meaning that she will be allowed to serve five years of supervised probation in lieu of the prison term. If she fails to abide by the terms of probation, Zephier-Crossman could be brought back in front of the court and ordered to serve the time.

She will also pay a $1,000 fine, which may be worked off through community service.

Zephier-Crossman reported that she is currently in inpatient drug dependency treatment and doing well. She thanked everyone present for their help in getting her to where she is.

"I am extremely happy that you have embraced your recovery and are doing well there," Vajgrt told her.

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