South African Entrepreneurs Inspire Youth With UpgradedEcom Academy

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Potchefstroom, South Africa, Jan. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The founders and owners of Golden Stallion Holdings, Norman Meyer and Ruan Squires aren’t the usual typical 20 something-year-old South Africans. The two own 7 six & seven figure brands that sell products worldwide without ever shipping the products themselves.
The duo now uses their extensive knowledge and use their team & systems as a launchpad for helping other South Africans start their international e-commerce brands with their preaching platform UpgradedEcom Academy.

Norman and Ruan started with E-commerce in mid-2015 when there was absolutely no one they could turn to for help and advice as international branded drop shipping had not been done from South Africa at that time. They eventually figured everything out through trial and error and have paved the way for other South Africans to enter the international E-commerce industry. They currently own 7 online brands and have even sold one to an Australian company in 2020 and have gotten to the point where they already have 5 registered companies in 5 different countries across 3 continents.

They are successful e-commerce entrepreneurs and experts in store creation, digital marketing, brand building and even software development. They sell different products to over 62 countries and have even gotten to the point that they have fulfillment centres in 8 different states within the USA where they send their custom branded products from. These warehouses are located strategically to ensure 1-2 day shipping times.

It wasn’t all sunshine & rainbows for the two South African youths in their beginning in the industry. They have faced almost every single problem there exists in the e-commerce industry and since they are from South Africa most of the platforms didn’t support them and they had to figure out their own way and get past every failure. Luckily now when they help others with advising and help them avoid all those costly mistakes, they dedicate 1-2 hours a day to helping fellow South Africans along their E-commerce journey.

The two founders of Golden Stallion Holdings have even gotten to the point where they scale a single store past $10 000 a day! With their knowledge and extensive experience, they are helping others successfully start and scale their online brands by providing people with the right methods and tools through the UpgradedEcom Academy. To know more, follow their journey and ask for advice @ruans77 and @normanmey

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