How Mets, Yankees handled Francisco Lindor whistling accusations behind the scenes

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Yankees and Mets clear benches at Citi Field
Yankees and Mets clear benches at Citi Field

After Francisco Lindor suggested that the Yankees used whistling to convey stolen signs during Saturday’s game, Mets brass decided not to pursue the matter any further.

And according to sources, members of the Mets organization -- lower down on the ladder than owner Steve Cohen or team president Sandy Alderson -- reached out to their Yankees counterparts to tamp down the tensions and say that Lindor was not speaking for the entire team on the issue.

Some on the Mets side were uncomfortable with how strongly and publicly Lindor pursued the issue, and they conveyed that to the other side.

As SNY reported on Monday, Mets and Yankees dugout personnel both agreed that the only whistling was coming from reliever Wandy Peralta. Neither Aaron Boone, his coaches nor his players were involved in a sign-stealing operation.

The Yankees insisted that Peralta wasn’t stealing signs, but just goofing around to liven up the dugout.

That didn’t prevent Lindor from making a whistling gesture when he homered on Sunday night, a gesture that inspired Giancarlo Stanton to respond during his own home run trot.

“If you have a problem with Wandy, give it to Wandy,” Stanton later said.

Apparently, at least some on the Mets side were sympathetic to that perspective, and they reached out to the Yankees to say so.

The matter is now considered closed. Here's further reporting on what transpired on Saturday and Sunday.

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