Sound Off for Jan. 26, 2021

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Sloppy trash pickup

The WastePro trucks are seen leaking trash from their trucks. Often times trash is thrown from trash bins. They clearly have little pride in their work or bad management.

Crabmeat is pricy

The price of crabmeat will always be high. Did we forget the BP oil spill, and then the Mississippi River diversion? We are fortunate that crabmeat at any price is available, thanks to the fishermen that continue to deliver.

Critical Race Theory

In Sunday’s paper there was a Sound Off that said we should include teaching Critical Race Theory in our schools because it means teaching facts about history as it really happened. Not so, and the teaching of critical race theory should be totally excluded from all classrooms. It is nothing more than “theory” just as the title reads. It is opinion and speculation and not fact or proof of anything.

COVID vaccines at hospital

Unvaccinated nurses in our area say they feel that they are being treated as expendable when they are asked to get vaccinated. The COVID vaccination actually should make one feel valued. If I was an employer, I would want my workers to be safe from sickness and death. Denying them them the vaccine would make them expendable, because without the vaccine their chances of getting sick and dying would be greater. Today we pump so many possibly-toxic vaccines into our babies with no hesitation, but balk at getting vaccinated ourselves. How does this make sense? Please, just get the shot so that this pandemic will finally go away.

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