The Sopranos creator David Chase in talks over prequel series

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Photo credit: Sky
Photo credit: Sky

The Sopranos has already branched out into prequel territory with the premiere of the feature-length The Many Saints of Newark, but are there more stories to tell? Apparently so.

Following the release of The Many Saints of Newark in the US – which sees James Gandolfini's son Michael take over his late father's role as Tony Soprano – there are whispers that a new Sopranos TV series is on the cards.

Just weeks after Sopranos creator David Chase bemoaned the prequel's hybrid release, WarnerMedia boss Ann Sarnoff has told Deadline that HBO Max is open to a new show.

"We're talking to David about a new series, Sopranos related, on HBO Max," she confirmed.

Photo credit: Sky
Photo credit: Sky

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Chase has spoken previously about the conditions for a TV series, saying that any further Sopranos title would be set after the movie's '60s-'70s time-frame and before the original drama, which starts in the late '90s.

"There's only one way that I would do it, and that was if Terry [Winter] and I could write the script together," he added. "That I would do."

This latest Sopranos twist comes after Chase shared his disappointment over the decision to release The Many Saints of Newark on HBO Max and in cinemas, rather than exclusively on the big screen.

"If one of those executives was sitting here and I was to start pissing and moaning about it, they'd say, you know, 'There's 17 other movies that have the same problem. What could we do? COVID!' Well, I know, but those 16 other movies didn't start out as a television show.

Photo credit: New Line Cinema - Warner Bros.
Photo credit: New Line Cinema - Warner Bros.

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"They don't have to shed that television image before you get people to the theatre," Chase argued. "But we do."

He continued: "And that's where we're at. People should go see it in a theatre. It was designed to be a movie. It was... it's beautiful as a movie. I never thought that it would be back on HBO. Never."

The Many Saints of Newark is available on HBO Max in the US. The film opens in UK cinemas today (October 22).

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