Solv Launches Final Mile Network, Enabling Handoff Between Virtual Care Navigators and Local In-Person Providers to Complete a Critical Path in the Care Continuum

  • Solv Final Mile technology seamlessly connects virtual care and online care navigation to same-day, in-person medical visits when necessary – enabling providers and patients to effortlessly access the appropriate next steps of care without friction or confusion

  • Powered through Solv proprietary APIs and call center tools, Solv Final Mile Network connects local, in person care to national healthcare players, enabling them to deliver comprehensive, continuous care seamlessly integrated across web and mobile properties

  • Leading national integrated care delivery and navigation company, Included Health, is collaborating with Solv to bring members same-day, in-person visits

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Solv today announced the launch of Solv Final Mile Network, the first solution to bridge the gap from online navigation and virtual care to in-person, local medical care across the country. Built on the scale of Solv's national network of providers, Solv Final Mile technology makes continuity of the patient care journey possible, by eliminating the friction between digital care and same-day, in-office visits for providers and their patients. Included Health, a leader in integrated care delivery and navigation, will be a Solv Final Mile partner at launch.

Solv Logo (PRNewsfoto/Solv)
Solv Logo (PRNewsfoto/Solv)

According to Deloitte, since 2018, consumers' usage of virtual health has increased across all ages, and almost two-thirds of consumers would utilize virtual care visits for preventive health. Many consumers seek virtual care when they have symptoms, or to fulfill specific care needs. Others rely on virtual primary care platforms, often through an app, as their pathway to healthcare services instead of going to an in-person primary care physician. While the volume of telehealth visits, after spiking during the Covid-19 pandemic, has declined since its peak, it remains an essential option for tens of millions of people. Physicians clearly have an interest in expanding telehealth: 93% of doctors say digital health is an advantage for patient care, up from 85% in 2016, according to a report by the American Medical Association.

Yet a roadblock for long-term sustainable telehealth across every care pathway is the absence of a seamless way to transition patients to in-person visits when a virtual provider decides a trip to the lab, an EKG, a mammogram, or any other "hands on the patient" services are necessary – which happens in 5-15% of virtual care visits, according to data collected by Solv. National virtual-care organizations have not had a seamless way to book an appointment with local care providers, and thus have difficulty knowing if the patient completed the next step in their care journey. When patients are not able to complete the care journey, this can lead to disjointed care, poor health outcomes and higher costs.

Solv Final Mile uniquely addresses these challenges through Solv's proprietary APIs and tools that seamlessly link virtual and online care to in-person care through Solv's national network of high quality urgent care centers, where 150M Americans today are within five miles of a bookable, same-day appointment. Access to this network -- with real time appointment availability and EHR interoperability -- eliminates uncertainty for providers, as well as the necessity to build and manage their own partnerships.

Healthcare navigators, who help direct patients to the most appropriate provider, are used by employers to offer health-related benefits and services to their workers. According to benefits consultant Mercer, employers are using virtual triage and chat-based tools more frequently to satisfy employee demand, as 52% plan to add virtual behavioral health and 40% plan to add virtual primary care. For these navigators, access to thousands of local providers with same-day appointments across the nation could take years to build and manage with huge resource requirements and monetary burden - hurdles that Solv Final Mile fully eliminates.

For healthcare providers, being a part of the Solv Final Mile Network gives urgent care operators, hospital systems and other care providers the ability to deliver appropriate, in-person care to a wider audience of digital-first patients in today's evolving healthcare landscape.

"At Solv we endeavor to help people at the point where they need care, and then to connect them more broadly into the healthcare ecosystem, focused on convenience, improving health outcomes while reducing overall costs," said Heather Fernandez, Solv CEO and Co-Founder. "However, access to the next step of care is often still full of friction for millions of Americans -- whether they need to see a provider today, or require in person care after a virtual visit. But a sea change is underway as healthcare innovators are breaking down the silos to ensure a connected care journey. This challenge is top of mind for healthcare companies seeking to solve this 'final mile' of care, and we've built and are managing the preeminent network with access to make this possible."

"Now's a time to add, not subtract healthcare options. We're expanding the ways we connect  virtual-first care to high quality, local in-person care when needed, as with vaccinations or imaging tests, and delivering integrated support for our members across all care settings," said Included Health CEO, Owen Tripp. "We look forward to working with Solv on the road to making healthcare happen everywhere, easily."

About Solv

Solv delivers everyday healthcare on demand by connecting patients to a national network of providers. With same-day appointment availability for in-person and virtual visits, and cost transparency for care, Solv eliminates complexities by showing in real-time where you can go, when you'll be seen, and how much it will cost. For healthcare providers, Solv improves quality of service, engagement with patients, and practice performance. More than 51 million health appointments have been booked through Solv.

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