Soldier Surprises Family With Thanksgiving Reunion After Being Separated for Nearly a Year

The mother of a US Army combat medic captured her son’s emotional reunion with his two younger sisters on Thanksgiving, after they had been separated for nearly a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ashton Delgado last saw his family in December 2019, he told Storyful. He had moved bases for training but pandemic travel restrictions prevented him from visiting his family in California.

“I was finally able to surprise my family on November 23 and have Thanksgiving at home,” he said. “It was 325 days of not knowing when COVID was going to allow me to go home, but at last I made it back.”

This footage shows Delgado’s 12 and 13-year-old sisters tearfully embrace him as he turns up unannounced on Thanksgiving.

COVID has not been fun for anybody, and coupled with the ability of not seeing family comes with the struggles of working as a medic in a hospital who sees and treats COVID patients,” he told Storyful. “It hasn’t been easy, but finally seeing family has made it worth it.” Credit: Ashton Young Delgado via Storyful