Soil Transformation Provider Earth Funeral Expands to Oregon

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Consumer demand growing as more than 60 % of Americans express interest in sustainable alternatives to burial and cremation

PORTLAND, Ore., July 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Soil transformation provider Earth Funeral today announced that it will be expanding funeral services to Oregon, making it easier for Oregon residents to choose a carbon-neutral alternative to burial and cremation. Oregon's new law allowing soil transformation went into effect July 1, 2022.

"Earth is a compassionate, caring team looking after families at one of the toughest times of their lives, and we are honored to offer Oregonians a sustainable alternative to cremation or burial," said Tom Harries, Earth CEO and co-founder. "Soil transformation is natural, carbon neutral and a regenerative approach to deathcare. We believe soil transformation empowers people to fully live out their values of sustainability and repairing the earth for future generations."

"I'm thrilled that, just as Oregon's natural organic reduction law goes into effect, we're already seeing the industry expand to offer Oregonians a safe, scientifically validated and sustainable death care choice," said Representative Pam Marsh, who championed House Bill 2574 in 2021. "It's important for people to have options that align with their values, and many of us are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives."

Soil transformation is a natural, environmentally-friendly process that transforms a body into a cubic-yard of nutrient-rich soil. Since Oregon became the third state in the country to allow for soil transformation as a deathcare option in 2021, consumer demand has grown significantly. Research shows that more than 60% of Americans are interested in sustainable alternatives to cremation and burial. The fossil-fuel driven process of cremation emits 535 pounds of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to a 600 mile car trip. Last year, Oregon reported 31,972 cremations, which equates to the release of more than 17 million pounds of carbon dioxide.

Earth combines the latest in soil science, cutting-edge software, and more than 50 years of collective funeral industry expertise, to create a unique end-of-life experience. Families who choose Earth decide how much soil they'd like returned - to scatter or plant in commemoration of their loved one. The remaining soil is sent to Pacific Northwest conservation land for restoration projects, including reforestation and restoring soil health.

In addition to Earth's mission to expand carbon neutral and sustainable options to deathcare and support land conservation, the company offers a simple and supported way to make and manage funeral arrangements. Earth offers a portal through which families receive real-time status updates, create and share Instagram-inspired obituaries, and can collaborate with family and friends. Arrangements can be made at time of need, or years in advance, through Earth Prepaid.


Headquartered in Auburn, WA, Earth was co-founded in 2020 by experienced funeral industry executives Tom Harries; CFO Richard Benton; and COO Carolyn Maezes. Its state-of-the-art soil transformation facility has a 78-vessel capacity and is the largest, most advanced facility of its kind in the world.

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