Social media up in arms over removal of McDonald's all-day breakfast

McDonald’s’ decision to remove its all-day breakfast has caused quite the commotion on Twitter. the fast food restaurant got rid of its menu toward the end of March, following a pandemic that has ravaged the U.S. A spokesperson explained that the chain did so in order “to simplify operations in our kitchens, which we say provided better service and order accuracy”. But social media users have not been particularly pleased with the restaurant’s decision. “WHY DID MCDONALDS TAKE AWAY ALL DAY BREAKFAST?!?!?” a Twitter user wrote. “WHY DO THEY ACT LIKE THEY DONT HAVE A MCGRIDDLE IN THE BACK ... ?!?! WHY AM I ALIVE IN 2020?!?!”. “I thought the customer comes first,” another user wrote. “I enjoyed the all-day breakfast and would like to see it return”. McDonald’s replied that it wanted to ensure that its “improvements” in “speed of service” and “order accuracy” would remain “consistent”. McDonald’s has yet to confirm whether the menu will be gone for good, instead claiming it would “evaluate” next steps