‘Snowbi Wan Kenobi?’ Snowplow naming contest in Minnesota brings brilliant suggestions

Dawson White
·1 min read

Flash back to 2016.

The Natural Environment Research Council in England asked for the public’s help in naming its new polar research vessel.

Nestled among the more refined suggestions was “Boaty McBoatface.”

The proposed name went viral, garnering national attention for the contest. And when the finalists went to an online vote, Boaty McBoatface was the landslide winner. It netted 124,109 votes — four times as many votes as the next closest suggestion, The Guardian reported.

And so, the R.S.S. Boaty McBoatface was born.

Now, several snowplows in Minnesota are getting the Boaty McBoatface treatment.

Earlier this year, the Minnesota Department of Transportation launched a contest to name eight of its snowplows, revealing the 50 finalists in February.

Tuesday, the agency announced the eight winners.

Among them? Plowy McPlowface, an apparent homage to the boat that started it all. It received the most votes with 65,292

The other winners include:

  • Ope, Just Gonna Plow Right Past Ya

  • Plow Bunyan

  • F. Salt Fitzgerald

  • Duck Duck Orange Truck

  • The Truck Formerly Known As Plow

“Star Wars” characters inspired the names of two winners:

  • Darth Blader

  • Snowbi Wan Kenobi

C-3PSnow made the top 50 along when Luke Snowalker, but neither cracked the top eight.

Several other finalists honored the late musician Prince, a Minnesota native, including Purple Snow and Raspberry Brrr-et.

You can view the full list of finalists here.

Wednesday, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis announced the state is launching a snowplow-naming contest of its own. Elementary school students across Colorado can submit their “best and most creative” ideas for 20 snowplows joining the department of transportation’s fleet this year.