Snoop Dogg scorned for body shaming an influencer on Instagram

Snoop Dogg is under fire for using his Instagram platform to very publicly body shame an influencer. On Sept. 21, the rapper posted a photo of expensive.babygirl in a rainbow tube dress next to a picture of a rainbow twist lollipop. “Candy anyone?” he captioned the side-by-side photos, seemingly implying that expensive.babygirl looked like the twist lollipop in her colorful get-up. Fans were quick to call the rapper out on his misogynistic meme, noting that “body shaming isn’t a trend anymore”. “Supporting bullying is just a s*** move,” one person said. “Body shaming so uncool,” another user commented. Though many people were quick to rush to expensive.babygirl’s defense, she actually doesn’t seem to be all that bothered by the post. In the comments, she noted that if Snoop was going to make fun of her, the least he could do was follow her