‘SNL’ Weekend Update Shows No Mercy for Hitler-Liking Kanye

Screen-Shot-2022-12-04-at-1.06.57-AM - Credit: NBC/SNL
Screen-Shot-2022-12-04-at-1.06.57-AM - Credit: NBC/SNL

“You guys aren’t going to believe this, but Alex Jones and Kanye West got together this week, and it didn’t go great,” Colin Jost opened SNL‘s Weekend Update.

In West’s interview with the Sandy Hook school shooting denier, the anti-Semite said, “I like Hitler.” This, Jost joked, “was also the password he used to get into Mar-a-Lago.”

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“At this point, I don’t think Kanye is off his meds so much as he’s immune to them. We’re basically dealing with the omicron variant of Kanye. We thought he would fade away, but now we realize we may have to deal with the brain fog of long haul Kanye,” Jost continued.

“If Jews do control the media, how are we still seeing a new interview with Kanye every day? Also, if they control the media, explain the 80-foot Christmas tree outside of NBC,” Jost said as a photograph showed on screen of the Rockefeller Center holiday staple.

Co-anchor Michael Che then addressed President Joe Biden signing legislation that doesn’t ensure paid sick leave for rail workers.

“How do you expect him to care about sick leave when he shows up to work every day with full blown CTE?” Che said.

Turning to the Georgia Senate runoff and early voting data, Jost commented that professed anti-choice Republican candidate Herschel Walker (who reportedly paid for two former girlfriends to receive an abortion) “has always encouraged his supporters to take care of voting early before it becomes a problem.”

Jost also addressed how Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the far-right group the Oath Keepers, was found guilty this week of seditious conspiracy. Jost said Rhodes, who wears an eye patch, “plans to appeal the verdict because he feels that the trial, like his vision, was very one-sided.”

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