Sneaky Seagull Interrupts Australian Couple's Romantic Sunset Beach Video

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Sneaky Seagull Interrupts Australian Couple's Romantic Sunset Beach Video

An Australian couple got a silly surprise from a feathered third wheel.

According to Daily Mail, Jace Spicer and his girlfriend Makita Donovan were recently enjoying a beach in Dampier, Western Australia, when they decided to film a romantic video.

The couple placed a phone on the sand to film them as they watched the sunset over the ocean. Unfortunately, an onlooker had different ideas.

Instead of capturing a cute clip of them on the beach, Spicer and Donovan have footage of a sassy seagull.

In the video the couple ended up filming, a seagull sneaks into the shot after the humans walk away from the camera. The sea bird, partially blocking Spicer and Donovan's romantic moment, takes center stage and lets out a few screaming squawks.

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The seagull is later joined by their partner, who also screeches at the couple's display of sweetness.

seagull interrupts romantic photoshoot
seagull interrupts romantic photoshoot

Spicer and Donovan, who have been dating for seven months, didn't see the hilarious footage they actually captured until they went to watch their sunset beach video the next day.

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'The first five seconds of the video, we were really feeling it, we were thinking it was going to be such a great sunset video, that was until the seagull fully interrupted our clip," Spicer told Daily Mail. "We looked at each other and burst out laughing, we had to keep rewinding the video in disbelief to see what actually happened.

"It honestly looks like the seagull knows he's just ruined our romantic video and laughed at us," he added of the bird's masterful photobomb.

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