There’s a snake on the roof: Cop brings 4-foot creature down around her neck in NC

Screengrab from the High Point Police Department on Facebook

A 4-foot snake was spotted on a home’s roof — prompting a daring capture in North Carolina.

Police had had trouble finding the elusive reptile before animal control officer Lori Owens stepped up — literally. She got onto a ladder, “climbed up, grabbed the snake, put it around her neck and climbed back down,” according to the High Point Police Department.

Victoria Ruvio, a spokesperson for the department, told McClatchy News in a phone interview that officers were first called about a snake on a roof on Thursday, Oct. 6. An officer wasn’t able to find it before another call came in later that day, prompting police to turn to the city’s fire department for a ladder.

After Owens reached the vacant home’s roof and caught the snake, officials shared photos of the captured reptile online. The animal was taken to Piedmont Reptile Rescue.

Ruvio said police don’t know how the snake got onto the roof but believe it may have been a pet. The reptile was a Colombian Red Tail Boa, a non-native species that isn’t venomous, according to the ZooMontana website.

After the unique rescue, some social media users said they were impressed with Owens’ bravery.

“That’s dedication! Great job,” one person commented on the police department’s Facebook page.

Another person wrote: “That’s wild. She’s braver than me.”

For its part, the fire department commented: “Every call can be an adventure.”

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