The Sky Today, May 22, 2022

·1 min read

At 12:19 a.m.: The moon is conjunct Saturn, and the moon void of course begins

After midnight, the Aquarius moon conjuncts Saturn, causing us to feel isolated. Negative thoughts keep us awake. If we are asleep, our dreams may be anxiety-inducing. We worry about our future by comparing it to past events, which may or may not be accurately recalled. Literal distance from friends and family, or restrictive circumstances at work and at home cause us to feel depressed and depleted.  Following this aspect, the moon begins its void of course, which lasts until the morning.

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At 8:49 a.m.: The moon enters Pisces, and the moon void of course ends

After sun-up, the moon enters Pisces, ending its void of course. Some of our worries from late at night can be released, as we are in a more compassionate headspace. Over the next two days, we remember not only the importance of forgiving others, but also forgiving ourselves for previous mistakes.  At this time, we are more in touch with our mystical and artistic sensibilities. Our intuition may be sharp, but we should avoid hanging out with melodramatic characters, as we might have difficulty determining where our emotions begin and those of others end.  

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