The Sky Today, February 7, 2023

At 1:05 p.m.: The moon is square Mars

After noon, the moon squares off with Mars in Gemini, an agitating influence. While the moon transits Virgo, we achieve emotional stability by keeping our affairs in order. There’s a method to our madness, and everything must be in its right place.  However, Mars in Gemini throws distractions, arguments, and unexpected interruptions in our path. It’s impossible to work, much less to hear ourselves think! Rather than blowing your top, or bottling up your frustration, try to let off steam a little at a time. Physical exercise is a good way to release tension fast.

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At 8:43 p.m.: Vesta enters Aries

After nightfall, Vesta, the goddess asteroid of the sacred flame, enters Aries. Vesta has been transiting Pisces since November 20, 2022, during which time we committed ourselves to creative or spiritual passion projects.  Routines and rituals were established to help us access greater magic within the mundane. Devotion to a project—or a person—may have been all-consuming. Yet as Vesta enters individualistic Aries, our rituals become a solo affair. We tend to the sacred flame of trailblazing, an activity that can often only be undertaken alone.  Vesta will remain in Aries until April 15, during which time we can expect a full-on pioneering zeal to overtake us when we are in the throes of our work. Try to find ways of furthering your agenda without acting selfishly. 

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