The Sky Today, December 2, 2021

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At 12:58 p.m.: The moon is trine Neptune

After noon, the Scorpio moon trines Neptune in Pisces, enhancing our powers of imagination and intuition. Fantasies are amplified, perhaps ones with darker or more shadowy themes as per the passionate Scorpio moon. This is a great time for getting in touch with our artistic side through music or painting. Divination exercises like Tarot, bibliomancy, or guided meditations should also prove illuminating. We have a better than average ability to sort through psychic impressions or to discover important information through synchronicities.

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At 4:45 p.m.: The moon is conjunct Mars

In the late afternoon, the moon aligns with Mars, giving us courage. However, we can take this aspect to extremes if faced with conflict. We have the power to fight back against those who we believe are threatening us, especially through acts of subterfuge—but naturally, this is not the highest use of this aspect. Instead, we might channel aggression into a healthy physical or psychological outlet to avoid unnecessary fallout. Moon-Mars can also make us a magnet for lovers and give us extra confidence in the bedroom. If we capitalize on this influences’ sex appeal rather than its fighting spirit, all the better.

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