Skip the heat damage with these hair curling tips

Achieve effortless bouncy curls while keeping your hair healthy

Video Transcript

MELANIE SUTRATHADA: Hey there, and welcome to "In The Know-- Make Me Up." Today we're talking all about heatlessly curling your hair to save you from that damage, to make your hair look glowing and happy, and get rid of those split ends. We're going to talk about the one and only heat-less hair curling ribbon. This whole thing in general is 100% silk. So it's really nice on your hair and it's gentle.

Now it's time to actually put this curling ribbon on and see what it can do. So you're going to take your little water bottle. And you're just going to spray this down. But essentially you just want it to be slightly damp so it will hold.

We're going to take our curling ribbon and once you have your hair parted in the middle, you're going to pop it right on top. You're going to take that beautiful jaw clip, just clip that on the side. So you're going to wrap and then pick up a little bit more hair.

There you go. You want it to be super tight. This is incredibly easy and it just feels really nice. I want to make sure I get all those little baby hairs. And I take this scrunchie.

OK, we're going to take this little clip out. And we're going to take the other side and do the same thing. Wrap it around. Pick up more hair as you go. Beautiful, satin [INAUDIBLE] scrunchie. I'm going to do one last little spray.

It's time to do the big reveal. I don't know if you're ready for this jelly. I'm so excited. Are you kidding? This is awesome.

This has been "In The Know-- Make Me Up." I'm Melanie and we will see you next time. Or maybe you won't. I'm just going to go somewhere and be glamorous. This is getting J.Lo? Am I right or am I right?