Six Charlotte-area girls win NCHSAA state wrestling invitational championships


Six Observer-area athletes won championships at the fourth N.C. High School Athletic Association state wrestling invitational Saturday at the Greensboro Coliseum Fieldhouse.

This was the final year of the event as an invitational. Next year, girls wrestling will be an officially sanctioned sport with a state championship. The girls event will be held alongside the boys individual state finals in February 2024.

On Saturday, Lumberton won the team title, winnng by six points and Freedom High’s Jeulenea Khang, The Charlotte Observer’s female athlete of the week, was named most valuable performer.

Khang won the 100-pound division, beating Mount Airy’s Jamie Hearl 2-0 in the finals. It was her 43rd victory of the season.

Other area champions included West Caldwell’s Omarzia “Ria” Wright (107); East Rowan’s Leah Edwards (114); Weddington’s Brianna Deleon (132); Lake Norman’s Caleigh Suddreth (145); Parkwood’s Savannah Bramhall (165).

Full results are below

Newton-Conover, Fred T. Foard win NCHSAA Dual Team titles

Two Observer-area teams won N.C. dual team championships Saturday.

Newton-Conover beat Bunn 51-18 to win the 2A title and its fourth championship since 2016. Caiden Rowe was named most valuable player after winning the 160-pound match over Kevin Silverio by fall at 69 seconds.

In 3A, Fred T. Foard won for the third straight season,b eating Union Pines. Foard won eight of 14 matches by fall and Colby Mace was selected 3A MVP. Mace battled back from injury to perform this season.

NCHSAA Girls Championship & consolation finals

100 lbs. division

First-place match - Jeulenea Khang (Freedom, 43-6) won by decision over Jamie Hearl (Mount Airy, 33-5) (Dec 2-0)

Third-place match - Anna Ockerman (Corinth Holders, 40-4) won by decision over Lily Prendergast (South Brunswick, 44-9) (Dec 2-0)

107 lbs. division

First-place match - Omarzria “Ria” Wright (West Caldwell, 27-13) won by decision over Megan Rowland (Pinecrest, 49-10) (Dec 6-4)

Third-place match - Reagan Riddick (First Flight, 27-1) won by fall over Morgan Repasky (McDowell, 36-9) (Fall 4:28)

114 lbs. division

First-place match - Leah Edwards (East Rowan, 42-2) won by fall over Teresa Canady (Lumberton, 31-3) (Fall 5:22)

Third-place match - Hope Horan (Mount Airy, 24-16) won by decision over Addison Vindigni (Cleveland, 40-7) (Dec 4-2)

120 lbs. division

First-place match - Anabel Rodriquez (Dixon, 25-3) won by decision over Ayonna McNeil (Westover, 24-6) (Dec 13-8)

Third-place match - Iesha McCollum (Lumberton, 30-8) won by forfeit over Laura Ruiz Diaz (Providence, 14-4) (For.)

126 lbs. division

First-place match - Alfa G. Dominguez Gutierrez (Cary, 45-0) won by disqualification over Danielle Dennis (East Davidson, 13-14) (DG)

Third-place match - Kamilah Brooks (Pasquotank County, 27-11) won by major decision over Tori Bland (Millbrook, 23-10) (MD 15-3)

132 lbs. division

First-place match - Brianna Deleon (Weddington, 20-0) won by decision over Hailie Misplay (Pine Forest, 33-5) (Fall 1:41)

Third-place match - Lauren Hall (Heide Trask, 18-6) won by decision over Bliss Joyce (Trinity, 19-6) (Dec 5-4)

138 lbs. division

First-place match - Angelica Steffy (Croatan, 28-2) won by decision over Gabby Akers (South Davidson, 24-5) (Dec 8-4)

Third-place match - Iyanna Crawford (Purnell Swett, 33-11) won in tie breaker period over Sarem Desalegn (Mallard Creek, 26-9) (TB-1 6-1)

145 lbs. division

First-place match - Caleigh Suddreth (Lake Norman, 16-1) won by fall over Keira Rosenmarkle (Seaforth, 23-6) (Fall 2:43)

Third-place match - Sumaiya Aamoud (Jack Britt, 35-4) won by decision over Caden Collett (Northwest Cabarrus, 27-12) (Dec 6-0)

152 lbs. division

First-place match - Natalie Titus (Havelock, 24-2) won by fall over Nevaeh Banks (Lake Norman, 18-4) (Fall 3:09)

Third-place match - Kenley Riley (West Carteret, 24-3) won by decision over Taylor Williams (East Forsyth, 8-15) (Dec 4-3)

165 lbs. division

First-place match - Savannah Bramhall (Parkwood, 33-0) won by tech fall over Franshesca Morales (North Henderson, 24-3) (TF-1.5 4:19)

Third-place match - Karilynn Rodriguez-Cuevas (Seventy-First, 12-4) won by fall over JJais Roumno (Westover, 17-3) (Fall 1:47)

185 lbs. division

First-place match - Elaina Pollock (Laney, 28-2) won by fall over Emma Warren (Enka, 22-3) (Fall 1:54)

Third-place match - Saliyah Brooks (Seventy-First, 15-2) won by decision over Ariana Flores (North Henderson, 21-11) (Dec 6-0)

235 lbs. division

First-place match - Dream Walker (Northwood, 12-10) won by fall over Wyntergale Oxendine (Lumberton, 30-3) (Fall 4:51)

Third-place match - Destiny Vaughans (Atkins, 17-9) won by fall over Jillian Boothe (Mallard Creek, 23-4) (Fall 4:49)

NCHSAA Dual Team Championship Results

2023 NCHSAA 1A Dual Team Wrestling State Championship Match

Uwharrie Charter (36-0) def. Avery County (27-8) 39-36

285 lbs. – Caden Bond (Uwharrie Charter) over Connor Brewer (Avery County) by major decision (MD 8-0) (UCA leads 4-0)

106 lbs. – Cooper Foster (Avery County) over Brennan Worrell (Uwharrie Charter) by fall (Fall 1:59) (Avery leads 6-4)

113 lbs. – Ethan Hines (Uwharrie Charter) over King Orvosh (Avery County) by tech fall (TF 15-0) (UCA leads 9-6)

120 lbs. – Benjamin Jordan (Avery County) over Christopher White (Uwharrie Charter) by fall (Fall 0:59) (Avery leads 12-9)

126 lbs. – Mason Bentley (Avery County) over Brandon Jordan (Uwharrie Charter) by fall (Fall 1:56) (Avery leads 18-9)

132 lbs. – Aldo Hernandez (Uwharrie Charter) over Grant Reece (Avery County) by fall (Fall 1:08) (Avery leads 18-15)

138 lbs. – Jack McArthur (Uwharrie Charter) over Staley Griffith (Avery County) by fall (Fall 3:44) (UCA leads 21-18)

145 lbs. – Johnathon Gragg (Avery County) over Jair Ulloa (Uwharrie Charter) by decision (Dec 6-4) (Tied 21-21)

152 lbs. – Lorenzo Alston (Uwharrie Charter) over Barrett Potter (Avery County) by fall (Fall 0:17) (UCA leads 27-21)

160 lbs. – Tristan Adams (Avery County) over Carson Robinson (Uwharrie Charter) by decision (Dec 5-0) (UCA leads 27-24)

170 lbs. – Grayson Roberts (Uwharrie Charter) over Unknown (Unattached) by forfeit (For.) (UCA leads 33-24)

182 lbs. – Cael Dunn (Avery County) over Corbin Grissom (Uwharrie Charter) by fall (Fall 1:29) (UCA leads 33-30)

195 lbs. – Jaden Maness (Uwharrie Charter) over Brandon Cabrera (Avery County) by fall (Fall 3:20) (UCA leads 39-30)

220 lbs. – Seth Blackledge (Avery County) over Unknown (Unattached) by forfeit (For.) (UCA leads 39-36)

2023 NCHSAA 2A Dual Team Wrestling State Championship Match

Newton-Conover (48-1) def. Bunn (27-2) 51-18

285 lbs. – Dyllin Ellis (Bunn) over Mason Abbrnethy (Newton-Conover) by decision (Dec 1-0) (Bunn leads 3-0)

106 lbs. – Alex Monks (Bunn) over Christian Garcia (Newton-Conover) in sudden victory period (SV-1 8-6) (Bunn leads 6-0)

113 lbs. – Cohen Smith (Newton-Conover) over Brooke Morrow (Bunn) by fall (Fall 0:30) (Tied 6-6)

120 lbs. – Isaiah Pittman (Newton-Conover) over Spencer Stallman (Bunn) by fall (Fall 0:44) (N-C leads 12-6

126 lbs. – Phoenix Michaud (Newton-Conover) over “Chino” Catalan-Escamilla (Bunn) in sudden victory period (SV-1 10-8) (N-C leads 15-6)

132 lbs. – Austin Chastain (Bunn) over Cooper Murray (Newton-Conover) by fall (Fall 3:43) (N-C leads 15-12)

138 lbs. – Connor Shumate (Newton-Conover) over George Hanna (Bunn) by fall (Fall 3:08) (N-C leads 21-12)

145 lbs. – Jayden Alston (Bunn) over Landon Williams (Newton-Conover) by fall (Fall 0:58) (N-C leads 21-18)

152 lbs. – Jason Brawley (Newton-Conover) over John Fuentes (Bunn) by fall (Fall 1:06) (N-C leads 27-18)

160 lbs. – Caiden Rowe (Newton-Conover) over Kevin Silverio (Bunn) by fall (Fall 1:09) (N-C leads 33-18)

170 lbs. – Jordan Henze (Newton-Conover) over Damarion Watkins (Bunn) by decision (Dec 9-8) (N-C leads 36-18)

182 lbs. – Matthew Race (Newton-Conover) over Dominic McDowell (Bunn) by fall (Fall 4:19) (N-C leads 42-18

195 lbs. – Owen Clark (Newton-Conover) over Cody Anderson (Bunn) by fall (Fall 1:38) (N-C leads 48-18)

220 lbs – Joseph Lioret-Tutty (Newton-Conover) over Howard Edwards (Bunn) by decision (Dec. 7-3) (N-C leads 51-18)

2023 NCHSAA 3A Dual Team Wrestling State Championship Match

Fred T. Foard (38-1) def. Union Pines (27-2) 54-24

285 lbs. – Sam Bolch (Fred T. Foard) over Sincere Bonner (Union Pines) by fall (Fall 1:38) (FTF leads 6-0)

106 lbs. – George Coleman (Fred T. Foard) over Nathan Maness (Union Pines) by fall (Fall 1:58) (FTF leads 12-0)

113 lbs. – Keaton Crawford (Union Pines) over Austin Laws (Fred T. Foard) by decision (Dec 8-6) (FTF leads 12-3)

120 lbs. – Jayden Crawford (Union Pines) over Toby Bowman (Fred T. Foard) by fall (Fall 3:11) (FTF leads 12-9)

126 lbs. – Parker Johns (Fred T. Foard) over Joseph Lloyd (Union Pines) by fall (Fall 3:06) (FTF leads 18-9)

132 lbs. – Brayden Johns (Fred T. Foard) over JT Erle (Union Pines) by fall (Fall 5:20) (FTF leads 24-9)

138 lbs. – Kevin Romero (Fred T. Foard) over Finnius McCafferty (Union Pines) by injury default (Inj. 1:06) (FTF leads 30-9)

145 lbs. – Brock Carey (Fred T. Foard) over Joseph Vrabcak (Union Pines) by fall (Fall 1:20) (FTF leads 36-9)

152 lbs. – Brayden Mejia (Fred T. Foard) over Houston Leeah (Union Pines) by fall (Fall 3:07) (FTF (FTF leads 42-9)

160 lbs. – Brock Sullivan (Union Pines) over Jon Byrd (Fred T. Foard) by fall (Fall 2:28) (FTF leads 42-15)

170 lbs. – Zane Birtchet (Fred T. Foard) over Dustin Maness (Union Pines) by fall (Fall 0:54) (FTF leads 48-15)

182 lbs. – Nicholas Mascolino (Union Pines) over Sam Drum (Fred T. Foard) by fall (Fall 2:44) (FTF leads 48-21)

195 lbs. – Dylan Smith (Fred T. Foard) over Dantrell Williams (Union Pines) by fall (Fall 1:48) (FTF leads 54-21)

220 lbs. – Colton Collins (Union Pines) over Colby Mace (Fred T. Foard) by decision (Dec 6-4) (FTF leads 54-24)

2023 NCHSAA 4A Dual Team Wrestling State Championship Match

Northwest Guilford (34-0) def. Laney (17-2) 52-24

285 lbs. – Nick Byrd (Northwest Guilford) over Michael Williams (Laney) by fall (Fall 0:55) (NW leads 6-0)

106 lbs. – Kyle Pruden (Northwest Guilford) over Ayden Arrington (Laney) by fall (Fall 0:32) (NW leads 12-0)

113 lbs. – Tristen Lawrence (Northwest Guilford) over Kingston Neal (Laney) by major decision (MD 10-1) (NW leads 16-0)

120 lbs. – Eli Pendergrass (Northwest Guilford) over Samuel McQueen (Laney) by fall (Fall 1:43) (NW leads 22-0)

126 lbs. – Jackson Gibson (Northwest Guilford) over Robert Tann (Laney) by fall (Fall 0:38) (NW leads 28-0)

132 lbs. – Dylan Pepin (Northwest Guilford) over Tyler Buonocore (Laney) by fall (Fall 2:33) (NW leads 34-0)

138 lbs. – Avery Buonocore (Laney) over Andrew Harger (Northwest Guilford) by fall (Fall 1:29) (NW leads 34-6)

145 lbs. – Noah Thomas (Laney) over Will Gibson (Northwest Guilford) by decision (Dec 4-1) (NW leads 34-9)

152 lbs. – Dylan Attridge (Northwest Guilford) over Jacob Rosen (Laney) by fall (Fall 3:17) (NW leads 40-9)

160 lbs. – Drew Pepin (Northwest Guilford) over Marquise Kelly (Laney) by fall (Fall 0:31) (NW leads 46-9)

170 lbs. – Tristan Cotto (Laney) over Cole Vermilyea (Northwest Guilford) by decision (Dec 3-1) (NW leads 46-12)

182 lbs. – Alex Hopper (Laney) over Alex Rodriguez (Northwest Guilford) by fall (Fall 1:36) (NW leads 46-18)

195 lbs. – Trystan Richardson (Laney) over Derik Mirts (Northwest Guilford) by fall (5:11) (NW leads 46-24)

220 lbs. – Trey Tuggle (Northwest Guilford) over Sa’ir Folks (Laney) by fall (Fall 1:26) (NW leads 52-24)